Friday, August 30, 2013

FlowDoku release coming soon!

I'm very excited to announce that FlowDoku, our latest game, is going to release on iOS and Android next week.  Then we'll bring it to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 in the next several weeks.  You can checkout the details right here:

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rock Slide now available on Google Play!

Big day!  Rock Slide is now available for Android via Google Play.  Get yours here!

Thanks to everyone who helped with this release!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rock Slide Announced!

Announcing Rock Slide - a playful twist on block slider puzzles.

Fox’s magic rocks need to get home or else! Slide the rocks around board until they’re each on their goal. The fewer moves you make, the higher your score. Simple idea, seriously challenging. 

If you get stuck (and you *will* get stuck) the in-game hint system can save you. Found an even better solution to a puzzle? You'll get awarded points for your genius, and your solution becomes the new target for all players. 

Here are some screen shots: 

And here is what the puzzle game play looks like in action: 

Rock Slide can be played as a web demo here: Rock Slide on Kongregate The game will be released for free in the coming weeks on Windows Phone, Google Play and the iTunes.   For further information about the game please contact

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Just produced a game play video for Rock Slide!

Check it out!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dash 3D just released!

Our latest game, Dash 3D, was just released!

Roll your way through tricky 3D obstacle courses at fast as you can go. Tilt your phone to steer and touch to jump. Simple controls and blazing speeds mean crazy fun you won't want to put down. Rotating walls, dangerous hazards and awesome power-ups will keep you busy as you try to achieve that perfect time.  As your skills improve, you'll unlock 8 difficulty levels and dozens of courses, each with its own leaderboard to let you compare your time with the world. Use the in-game editor to create your own courses and share them with others. Courses are downloaded on-the-fly, so new content is arriving all the time! The v1.1 release is days away and will bring Mango fast-switching support and more!

You can get it here.    And here it is in action:

And here are some screen shots:

Thanks for your support!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dash 3D Designer Help

Dash 3D Tips and Tricks

Thank you for your support of Dash 3D!  Here are a few simple tips and tricks: 

The basic controls
Slow-mo mode:
Press this to enter Slow-motion mode.  Release to return to normal. Slow-mo time is limited - watch the orange bar in the upper left corner to see how much you have left.

Boost mode: 
Press this to accelerate the ball.  Boost fuel is limited, the blue bar in the upper left shows what you have left.   When you are not accelerating your are automatically decelerating down to a lower limit. 

Jump is pretty simple - you jump. You cannot 'double-jump', but if you hold this button down, as soon as you land you'll jump again.  On more advanced levels the number of jumps you can make is limited.  The remaining count shows next to the button. 

If you want to switch what side the controls are on, you can do that from the Options menu.  Steering is controlled by tilting the phone. You can adjust the tilt sensitivity from the Options menu.
Pick up those boosts you see around the levels - they will often help quite a bit.
Slow-mo Credit
Boost Credit
Jump Credit

Each of these pick-ups will add to or replenish the amount you can use this capability. 
Other ways to get your very best time....
  • you bleed speed when you turn - the less you turn the better your time
  • you bleed speed when you get close to the edge of the platform, so try to stay away from the edges as much as you can
  •  Slow-mo mode does not slow the level timer -- only use slow-mo when you absolutely must
  • Use all your boost fuel before the end of the level but don't waste it just before a move which will change your speed anyway, such as a Slow-down hazard. 
Got other tips you think should be here?  Mail 'em to us at!